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Accelerating renewable energy adoption through enhanced visibility, analytics, and control of distributed energy resources


The large-scale transition to renewable energy is a major technical and economic challenge for the electric industry.  For example, the strong demand for rooftop photovoltaics (PV) and EV home charging produces power fluctuations that are more extreme and rapid than ever before.  Traditional solutions require either expensive grid upgrades or stringent limits on PV hosting capacity.  Both are challenges to achieving affordable, clean energy.​


We're on a mission to provide revolutionary technology to address environmental concerns and the urgent need for affordable and equitable clean energy.  We believe that land should be used to its highest environmental and societal value, which means maximizing the use of rooftop PV rather than vast solar or wind farms.  This is a tough technical challenge, and one we plan to attack by focusing on the "edge" of the grid—the areas of the electric grid that are closest to customers and rooftops.


​We have created a decentralized, grid-edge platform for integrated power system measurement, analytics, and controls.  The system is software-defined in order to adapt to a rapidly evolving grid.  It avoids vendor lock-in by hosting third-party applications within a secure and rigorous framework for data sharing and control arbitration.  It is designed to leverage the combined value of numerous use cases from power quality alerts to advanced volt-var control, all contributing to a more reliable and renewable grid.

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